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Groundbreaking new learners' Chinese character
dictionary for Pleco, a revolutionary online course that teaches you how to master characters, and more!

Revealing the logic behind Chinese characters

We created our dictionary to focus on understanding — by showing how Chinese characters work as a system, rather than as a bunch of disconnected single characters to be individually mastered.

What our customers are saying

"The course is amazing! I was a HSK3 level reader, but could barely write. Using your course has not only helped me to learn to write, but has boosted my reading comprehension. I guessed the meaning and sound of 症 today, having never seen the character before."

Robin O'Connor (France)

"I rave about Outlier to everyone I meet who is studying Chinese. I love it. Today, I came across the character 崤 and nailed the reading, tone, and meaning in context and felt like a king!"

Jonathan Coveney (China)

"After a month of not reviewing, I was able to write (not just recognize) 283 of the 300 characters in my queue. Before I took the Outlier course, it would have been 0."

Edsko De Vries (Netherlands)


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Expert Reviews

"Every so often a really good resource comes along. It's The Outlier Dictionary of Chinese Characters."

-Prof. Victor Mair
University of Pennsylvania

"I feel like I have a virtual 1-on-1 Chinese teacher, giving me a better sense of how the writing system functions."

-Dr. David Moser
Yenching Institute, Peking University

"They have put a lot of thought into how foreigners learn Chinese, and they’ve come up with a better way to learn characters."

-John Pasden
AllSet Learning & Mandarin Companion