The Outlier Mandarin Pronunciation & Accent Masterclass

In this comprehensive online course, you'll learn how to develop and maintain a good, clear accent in Chinese, at any level!
We'll start from the basics—syllables—and build up to multi-syllable words, sentences, and paragraphs. We'll be teaching you techniques used by accent coaches, speech pathologists, and professional interpreters to develop a good, clear accent.
You can go at your own pace—you get lifetime access to the content!

Online Course


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In this online video course, you'll learn how to improve your Chinese pronunciation, how to develop a more native-like accent, and by the end of the course you will have mastered the art of acquiring a good accent—in any language!

You'll get access to 1-2 videos per lesson (15 lessons in all), plus supporting PDF and audio materials.

You'll get lifetime access to all 15 lessons about Chinese pronunciation and how to improve your accent. You'll also get:

  • methods that actors use to learn new accents and dialects
  • methods that conference interpreters use to improve their accent, diction, and fluency
  • drills for improving your tones—both pronunciation and hearing!
  • tips for learning to understand different accents with less difficulty
  • tips for acquiring a more native-like feel for grammar and sentence patterns

This course is aimed at all levels and does not require you to own or use any of our other products—it's entirely self-contained! But we will provide you with a 15% off discount code in case you do wish to purchase any of our products.

Sample lesson

  1. Unit I: A "Sound" Foundation
    Lesson 1: Building a “sound” foundation
    Lesson 2: What to prioritize
    Lesson 3: Stages of accent development

    Unit II: Mandarin Pronunciation & Romanization
    Lesson 4: Tones
    Lesson 5: How to improve your tones
    Lesson 6: The initials
    Lesson 7: The finals
    Lesson 8: Multi-syllable words I: Tone Change Rules
    Lesson 9: Multi-syllable words II: Tonal Interaction

  2. Lesson 10: Regional accents

    Unit III: Developing your accent & fluency
    Lesson 11: Chorusing
    Lesson 12: Rhythm and intonation
    Lesson 13: Grammar and sound patterns
    Lesson 14: Shadowing
    Lesson 15: Developing fluency


Improve your pronunciation & develop a good accent!

Most people learn by focusing on reading and writing—text focused learning that's more appropriate for native speakers because the already know how to speak!

The best way to learn pronunciation is by listening to and imitating good speech by native speakers. Use your ears and mouth to learn, not your eyes!

We'll teach you techniques to develop and maintain a clear accent, and it will also improve your listening ability, and give you a more intuitive feel for grammar!