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A comprehensive online video course from the kanji experts (over 15,000 people are using our kanji dictionary!), complete with PDF chapters to teach you how to learn kanji more effectively!

Students of Japanese, learn how to learn kanji like a boss! We've adapted our popular course on learning Chinese characters to the specific needs of Japanese learners.

We've been teaching a course at ICLP—one of the world's most prestigious Chinese language schools—for years. We made an online course for Chinese learners, and our students (over 1600 of them!) have been wildly successful! And, now, it's available to you!

You'll get lifetime access to over 25 video lessons on kanji and how to learn them, plus you'll learn:

  • 300 kanji, specially curated to teach you how kanji actually work
  • all about functional components in kanji
  • how to learn new kanji more efficiently
  • how to recall kanji you've learned more reliably
  • tips for learning vocabulary

This course is aimed at all levels and does not require you to own or use any of our other products—it's entirely self-contained!

We teach stuff here that no one else is teaching, so as a beginner, you're getting started on the right foot. If you're an advanced student, but are still having kanji trouble, you'll get all those kanji questions answered. Understanding is the key to learning!

All students in this course will get a 15% off discount code for use on any of our other products.

Sample lesson

  1. Unit I: Intro and Foundations
  2. Lesson 0: Intro to the course + Hiragana & Katakana
  3. Lesson 1: Rules of Memory
    Lesson 2: Three Attributes of Writing/Three Functions
  4. Lesson 3: Deep Structure, Surface Structure, and Stroke Order
  6. Unit II: How Kanji Actually Work

Lesson 4: Form Components
Lesson 5: Meaning Components
Lesson 6: Sound Components
Lesson 7: Sound series (characters with the same sound component)
Lesson 8: Empty Components
Lesson 9: All about kanji meanings
Lesson 10: Japanese orthography

  1. Unit III: Tips Strategies for Learning More Effectively
    Lesson 11: The "IME Method"
  2. Lesson 12: Spaced Repetition
  3. Lesson 13: The Pipelining Strategy
    Lesson 14: The Minimalist Strategy


Get clarity on kanji

Kanji are composed of functional components—components which express sound and meaning

We'll teach you how these components work and how to use them to recall kanji more effectively

You'll also learn how to use this knowledge to learn new kanji more efficiently in the future

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