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Harvey Dam

Harvey is interested in Chinese languages and Chinese cultures, as well as general linguistics and language pedagogy. Relevant here is his study of Chinese handwriting, particularly regular script (楷書). His own regular script most resembles the style of Ouyang Xun (歐陽詢). Harvey believes that handwriting, like any other language product, can be described using rules. These rules have been called 書法 (shūfǎ) in Chinese, which can be translated as "writing rule" or "writing method." In recent times, 書法 has been conflated with other meanings, including calligraphy, other glyph-based art, and only brush writing. Harvey wishes to describe Chinese handwriting purely as language output without seeping into other fields. He also believes that formally correct handwriting can be produced with any writing instrument and can be taught using typical language pedagogy tools, just like any other aspect of language, without esoteric apprenticeships.

Harvey first got wind of Outlier Linguistics from John Renfroe in an online discussion board about Chinese languages, and became attracted to Outlier's approach to language teaching and learning, which stood out as coherent among the many broken language instruction providers. As misinformation plagues both the general public and professionals, and as more people seek to learn Chinese, Harvey sees an opportunity to spread truth and dispel myths about Chinese languages and their contexts, and believes that now is a critical time to raise the standard of Chinese language teaching and learning.

At the University of Utah, Harvey has taken the following courses related to Chinese, linguistics, and education for his BA in Chinese.

  1. Classical Chinese
  2. Chinese Phonetics
  3. Thought Patterns of Chinese Culture
  4. Survey of Chinese Literature
  5. Chinese Narrative Literature
  6. Chinese Poetry
  7. Teaching Chinese as a Second Language
  8. Language and Society
  9. Educational Law
  10. Principles of Instruction and Behavior
  11. Adolescent Development
  12. Inclusive Secondary Education
  13. Cross-Cultural Communication
  14. Multicultural Education
  15. Research and Inquiry in Education
  16. Principles of Assessment and Data-Based Decision Making

So far in his MA in World Languages, Harvey has taken the following courses.

  1. Foundations of Dual Language Immersion
  2. Second Language Teaching Methodology
  3. Content Based Language Teaching
  4. Educating Language Learners
  5. Family-School Partnerships
  6. Course and Curriculum Development
  7. Language Assessment Design

For his night job, Harvey is a piano teacher in his home state of Utah. In his humble opinion, he doesn't suck. He also plays the violin, the qin (琴), and the erhu (二胡).