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The Outlier Kanji Dictionary

A revolutionary new learners' dictionary for Yomiwa!

Developed by a team of linguists and expert teachers, our dictionary teaches you how Chinese characters ACTUALLY work, based on the latest research.

Learning the real underlying logic of the writing system will more than double your learning efficiency and allow you to see the real sound and meaning connections between characters.

Choose the version that’s right for you

One time purchase, not a subscription!

Free demo

Our dictionary is an add-on for the free mobile (iOS and Android) dictionary app Yomiwa. It fully integrates with all of Yomiwa's other great features!

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Essential Edition

The Essentials Edition includes:
  • 2200+ characters as of newest update (plus regular updates until we reach 3000+; see current status here)
  • Detailed explanation for each kanji
  • Meaning tree for every character: how are all the meanings related to each other?
  • Common example vocabulary for each kanji
  • Pitch accent information for all vocabulary
  • Ancient forms for all semantic components


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Expert Edition

The Expert Edition includes everything in Essentials, plus extensive information about the origin, evolution, and other historical information for every kanji.
You'll get an activation code and instructions via email upon release! You'll get the current version of the Essentials Edition, plus all the Expert entries we've finished so far (currently 250). We'll be adding new entries regularly, and you'll get all of those updates until it's finished!

Easy to set up

Step 1: Order

When you check out from our store, you'll get an order confirmation email and an email with an activation code and instructions.

Step 2: Get Yomiwa

If you don't already have Yomiwa installed on your iOS or Android device, install it! It's an awesome free Japanese dictionary app, and our dictionary is an add-on.

Step 3: Activate

Just enter your activation code into Yomiwa, wait for the dictionary to download, and you're all set! Enjoy learning kanji the Outlier way!