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New Dictionary Update: v1.5 Released!

I just wanted to drop a quick line and let you know that we've released version 1.5 of our dictionary!

This update adds another 700+ Essentials entries to the dictionary, bringing the total number of completed entries to over 2700!

If you already have the dictionary, you should be prompted to download the update automatically when you open Pleco. If not, just go to Menu > Add-ons > Updated and you should be able to download it there.

If you don't have the dictionary yet but would like to get it, just click here!

If you have the Mini (2000 character breakdowns only, no full Essentials entries) or Essentials Edition and would like to upgrade to Essentials or Expert, just get in touch and we'll make sure you only have to pay the difference in price!

Here's an example of a typical entry from each version:

The Essentials and Expert Editions now have 2700 entries that look like the Essentials entry above, and the Expert has about 135 "expert entries," with more being released soon!

Stay safe and enjoy your studies!

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