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Essentials Edition Release

Essentials Edition Release

So it took longer than we expected (you've heard that before!), but the Essentials Edition v1.0 is finally released, along with Mini Edition v1.2. Also, if you've pre-ordered the Expert Edition, your copy of Essentials 1.0 will also have additional Expert entries.

If you've activated your copy of the dictionary, you should automatically get a popup upon opening Pleco prompting you to download the update. If not, go to Menu > Registration and tap "Check for other purchases." If that doesn't work, get in touch with us ( or Pleco ( and we'll help you get it sorted out.

If you haven't purchased yet but would like to, you can do so on our website or directly within Pleco. If you'd like to pre-order the Expert Edition so you can get the Essentials Edition along with the additional Expert entries, you can only do that via our website for now. If you have an edition of our dictionary and would like to upgrade, get in touch with me (either via Kickstarter or at and I'll get you set up with an upgrade code.

Let's take a look at the dictionary. First, all ~1000 "skeletal entries" (that is, entries which haven't been completed yet and have only a basic component breakdown) have been filled out a bit with more information about the components, and we've also marked them so you know it's not complete yet and there's more info coming. Let's take a look at a skeletal entry in the current version (Mini v1.1) compared to one in the new version:


And let's take a look at a Mini Edition (v1.2) entry compared to an Essentials Edition entry:


We've also added guides with our recommendations for how to make use of the information in the dictionary:

how to use.png

And we've added Expert entries for those of you who pre-ordered the Expert Edition. You'll get Expert entries for these characters:

Traditional: 也前剪得持是會無能舞軟需高
Simplified: 也前剪得持是会无能舞软需高

And let's take a look at the entry for 持 in Mini, Essentials, and Expert:

As always, if you have any questions please get in touch!

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