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8 Tips to Supercharge Your Chinese Character Learning

In this free, on-demand webinar, we show you our top 8 tips for learning Chinese characters more effectively. Not only have we learned how to read and write Chinese as non-native speakers, we have also studied the history and evolution of the Chinese writing system, as well as how to teach it, at the PhD and Master's level under some of the world's top experts on the subject, and we're excited to share our knowledge with you!

Chinese characters are composed of functional components—components which express sound and meaning

We'll teach you how these components work and how to use them to recall characters more effectively

You'll also learn how to use this knowledge to learn new characters more efficiently in the future

The Chinese Character and Pronunciation Bundle

"After a month of not reviewing, I was able to write (not just recognize) 283 of the 300 characters in my queue. Before I took the Outlier course, it would have been 0."
Edsko De Vries (Netherlands)

Did you know that the drop-out rate for Chinese is FOUR TIMES HIGHER than for languages like Spanish and French? And that the two most common reasons given for dropping out are 1) the characters are hard to learn, and 2) pronunciation is difficult.

Our course bundle is designed to fix those two problems! You get a total character learning and pronunciation solution:

  • 1) a course teaching you how characters work and how to learn them effectively
  • 2) a dictionary that lets you look up the characters you're learning and find out exactly why they look they way they do
  • 3) a PDF poster to help you review the most common semantic components
  • 4) another course that teaches you how to develop a good, clear accent in Mandarin by learning pronunciation the right way

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What our customers are saying:

"The course is amazing! I was a HSK3 level reader, but could barely write. Using your course has not only helped me to learn to write, but has boosted my reading comprehension. I guessed the meaning and sound of 症 today, having never seen the character before."

Robin O'Connor (France)

"I rave about Outlier to everyone I meet who is studying Chinese. I love it. Today, I came across the character 崤 and nailed the reading, tone, and meaning in context and felt like a king!"


Jonathan Coveney (China)

"I bought this. It has helped me recognise and even pronounce characters I have never seen before thanks to my recognition of patterns from the explanations."


Soroush Torkian (Canada)

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"Every so often a really good resource comes along. It's The Outlier Dictionary of Chinese Characters."

-Prof. Victor Mair
University of Pennsylvania

"I feel like I have a virtual 1-on-1 Chinese teacher, giving me a better sense of how the writing system functions."

-Dr. David Moser
Yenching Academy, Peking University

"They have put a lot of thought into how foreigners learn Chinese, and they’ve come up with a better way to learn characters."

-John Pasden
AllSet Learning & Mandarin Companion