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Get clarity on Chinese characters by learning the real logic underlying the writing system! We make it easy for you. Join thousands of students who have supercharged their character learning.

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“The focus of the course is on breaking down characters into their components. This can help solidify the meaning of kanji, and also in understanding compound characters and vocabulary later on.”


The world's most reliable character dictionaries

Every so often a really good resource comes along. It's The Outlier Dictionary of Chinese Characters.”
Prof. Victor Mair
University of Pennsylvania

“I feel like I have a virtual 1-on-1 Chinese teacher, giving me a better sense of how the writing system functions.”
David Moser, Yenching Academy at Peking University
Author, "Why Chinese is So Damn Hard"

Outlier Dictionary of Chinese Characters

• Add-on for Pleco (free mobile dictionary for iOS/Android) puts the info right at your fingertips

• Covers Simplified and Traditional characters

• Easy-to-understand character explanations based on cutting-edge research

• Integrates with all of Pleco's other great features!

Outlier Kanji Dictionary

• Add-on for Yomiwa (free mobile dictionary for iOS/Android) puts the info right at your fingertips

• Covers all Joyo Kanji and more

• Easy-to-understand kanji explanations based on cutting-edge research

• Includes sample vocabulary with pitch accent information!

“A better way to learn Chinese characters.”

John Pasden
AllSet Learning
Mandarin Companion

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Customer Testimonials

"I bought this. It has helped me recognise and even pronounce characters I have never seen before thanks to my recognition of patterns from the explanations."

Soroush Torkian (Canada)

"After a lot (really a lot) of failed tests with different books, apps and methods, the only way that the hanzi sticks in my mind is ODCC's brief, concise and REAL explanation!"

Alessandro Agostinetti (Italy)

"After a month of not reviewing, I was able to write (not just recognize) 283 of the 300 characters in my queue. Before I took the Outlier course, it would have been 0"

Edsko de Vries (Netherlands)