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The Mini Edition

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" I think it’ll be a really great addition to Pleco. It’s going to help people get into where characters come from, what they mean, how they work — really at a much more linguistically rigorous level than it’s ever been done before. "

Michael Love, founder of Pleco

MICHAEL LOVE, founder of Pleco

A new dictionary of Chinese characters based upon cutting-edge research on the Chinese writing system. Learn more efficiently - discover how Chinese characters actually work.

The authors behind this site know what they’re doing, which is surprisingly rare!

OLLE LINGE, author of Hacking Chinese

The Mini Edition

Get acquainted with the Outlier approach

The Mini Edition gives you just enough information to get going with the Outlier method: component breakdowns for 2000 characters (i.e., what each character’s functional components are and how they function), the pronunciation, the original meaning and basic modern meaning, plus more detailed meaning and form information for semantic components (meaning and form components).

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  • Correct information on Chinese character forms—available in English for the first time
  • Detailed information on semantic components
  • Gives you a solid introduction to the Outlier method—you’ll start to see connections between characters you never noticed before!
  • Gives you a basic understanding of how Chinese characters actually work!

What’s included

The 2000 most common characters (simplified and traditional)

  • Component breakdowns for around 1700 characters:
    • - what are the functional components in the character, and
    • - how do they function?
  • Pronunciation is given according to both the PRC and ROC standards
  • Basic information about character meaning—more detail for semantic components (meaning and form components)
  • Stroke order diagrams (both PRC and ROC standards)
  • Very brief “Expert-level” explanations of semantic components, in case you want a bit more detail
  • Enough to get you up and running with the Outlier method!

Start learning characters the right way

The Mini Edition is right for you if:

A very useful digital dictionary and digital tool which I think represents the next stage in the study of Chinese characters, and maybe even the next stage in the digitizing of Sinology itself.
David Moser

DAVID MOSER, Academic Director at the CET Chinese Studies Program in Beijing, author of "Why Chinese Is So Damn Hard"

This project is no joke. They’re out to build something I’ve wished has existed for quite a while, and they’ve got the skills and dedication to make it happen.
John Pasden

JOHN PASDEN of Sinosplice & AllSet Learning

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